Notebooks & A Journal from India


It wouldn’t surprise any of  you regular readers to read that I love notebooks and journals. One could (well, “the normal people”) say I am obsessed by them. So it wouldn’t surprise you to hear that I didn’t return from my four months long trip to India without new notebooks and journal. 

The great thing was that I found really gorgeous products, of superb quality, for a fraction of what I would pay in the U.S. or the UK. The reason being the currency difference. The kind of prices I paid for these notebooks, most normal locals wouldn’t dream of paying. My own family looked aghast when I said, each notebook cost about 220 Rupees (equivalent £2.20, which actually would buy me an absolute crappy notebook in England). 

Even in India, people use these products, but they are not the majority. But the western equivalent of moleskine buyers, wouldn’t hesitate to spend 220 Rupees on a notebook. 

So here are the goodies: 

These are Nightingale Notebooks, by far the best quality product I found. 


These are five-subject, ruled notebooks.


Then there is the gorgeous, leather cover journal


And inside…


With all these amazing beauties available, how could I possibly give up on writing by hand

Do you get crazy about notebooks and journals? What are your favourites? Share in the comments below. 


3 thoughts on “Notebooks & A Journal from India

  1. Love them – what a great booty you brought home! Congrats! How much would that equal in US currency? Love the leather… all of them are wonderful. Love paper and pen… forever!

  2. I like journals/notebooks that do not let the ink from a fountain pen run. A plain will do because I want a leather holder for it. I get excited looking at notebooks and their holders or covers.

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