November Journaling Challenge: Day 1



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Welcome to the Day 1 of November Journaling Challenge. If you missed out on the earlier post, read the information about this challenge.



Whether you want to focus on the five senses, or six senses, today I want you to focus on using each of your senses. Think about what you touch, smell, hear, taste, see, and intuitively feel. Most people focus on one or two senses, but rarely pay attention to all of them. For today’s journaling, pay attention. Focus. Describe in detail what each of your senses notice. 


For year-around journaling prompts, check out 365 Days of Journaling.




11 thoughts on “November Journaling Challenge: Day 1

  1. I dutifully wrote in my journal today. I did not use the prompt because I could not get the prompt my laptop went belly up and I had to wait till I could get on another computer before I could get the prompt but there was a lot of time to write. so predictably I wrote about the computer being down.

  2. I also skipped the prompt today, just because of a markedly eventful Friday needing processed. And we’re off!

  3. i went for a walk through our local park called Bidwell. it was a meditative process of where i am planning to do for my goals. i was swept away through all of my senses. i was mesmerized by the trees and the sound of the creek. the importance of my family came to mind and kept me balanced in thoughts and deeds.

  4. It was dark and chilly this morning when forced myself to roll out of bed and get ready for work. I shuffled, in my usual fog, to the kitchen, to perform the usual ritual of starting the coffee maker. However, today was different because I decided to see whether I could experience *coffee* with all of my senses.

    The result was delightful.

    First, I could *hear* the coffee maker groan and puff as the water temperature rose, and then the metallic sound of coffee dripping into the stainless steel carafe.

    Shortly after, the unmistakable *aroma* of hot coffee brewing wafted through the house, causing me to *imagine* how satisfying it would be once I held a full mug in my hands.

    In eager anticipation, I retrieved my favorite mug from the cabinet: A gift from my best friend with a picture of ring-tailed lemurs on it that makes me smile whenever I *see* it.

    Then the moment arrived when the coffee was ready. I admired the deep, rich *color* as it poured from the carafe: Not too light, not too dark.

    The mug, formerly cold to the *touch* was instantly warmed as the steaming liquid transferred its heat to the ceramic, which then radiated to my palms and fingers as I raised the mug to my lips.

    Ahhhh…pure heaven in a cup! Rich, roasted *deliciousness* warmed me from within as I *felt* the hot coffee flow down my throat and into my stomach, each sip as comforting as the last.

    And so an “ordinary” experience transformed into the extraordinary, thanks to a single journal prompt urging nothing more than simply paying attention to all of our senses.

    (Thanks, Dolly!)

  5. This was a great prompt for me as it heightened my senses all day. I jotted down observations like the beauty of the orchids my neighbor gave me, the irritating sound of the phone message machine beeping, the wonderful smell of coffee, the chill in the air, and the suspicious feeling I felt when I saw a man while buying my lotto tickets. Primarily I noticed my emotions while looking at pictures of toys, dogs, and acknowledging personal objects throughout my home that I’ve acumulated over many years. I appreciate the love and wonderful memories they bring of many years!

  6. What a fantastic day yesterday. I love the days where we have two musicals in one day, we’re so busy but so much fun comes from those experiences too. Both shows of West Side Story were fantastic. The evening show was the best we have ever performed the Quintet version of Tonight. We’ve rehearsed that piece starting and stopping with the cast so many times during tech week and it’s so challenging because of the time signature changes all over the place (2/4, 4/4, and 3/8, every few measures is a different time signature so this song is really hard to feel which is part of why it’s so hard). I usually just focus on my part only because otherwise I get lost. During the show last night, for the first time it all came together the way it was supposed to. None of the voices came in late, or were off. We all were where we needed to be in the music. As soon as the song was over and the lights in the auditorium dimmed for the scene change to the Rumble, the orchestra was silently celebrating over how well that song went, it’s the one song that we all have been scared of!
    The only mishap of the whole show was that Sara broke her string during Officer Krupkee. She did not have a spare string in her case, luckily I did have a spare and was able to dig through all of the items in my case (lots of music, a deck of cards, pencils, rosin) and found a string for her. She managed to change it in record time to play A Boy Like That. Hopefully that is the worst thing that will happen in any performance!
    West Side Story is so full of angst, this has been a very challenging show to put together. During tech week frustration always runs high with everyone trying to get things in the right place for opening night. Last minute changes are always made with scene changes, or dance routines or blocking for the actors. We always end up cutting music in the orchestra as things on stage change and we get familiar with working with the actors. The extra angst in West Side Story made tech week really hard for me as someone who is very sensitive to the emotions of others.
    Despite all of that, I love it when a show comes together the way it did last night. Spending time with the orchestra members is always a plus, we spent time we had speaking in Spanish accents trying to be Sharks and ended up trying to imitate other accents as well. We got frozen yogurt between shows, and while in the car we were singing songs from the Frozen at the top of our lungs with the windows down. There was a jazz jam session right before the auditorium opened up for the audience where we played Take Five by Dave Brubeck. I think being relaxed and not worrying about trying to make last minute fixes really helped out with how relaxed we were last night. Being relaxed like that for shows is always a plus!

    ((Playing in a show always heightens my senses anyways, so this was a perfect prompt for me to try and describe some of what I feel for shows!))

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