November Journaling Challenge: Day 11



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Welcome to the Day 11 of November Journaling Challenge. If you missed out on the earlier post, read the information about this challenge.


DAY 11 PROMPT – Dare to Dream

 Journaling is not just about facing facts of your life…it’s about opening your mind and your heart to possibilities. It’s about believing in yourself. And if you are generally big on feeling down, it’s about believing that good things CAN happen to you.

So today, Dare to Dream. Journal about something you would like to be, or achieve, or see. Anything….it might be something like travelling to a dream destination, or finding the man/woman of your dreams, having a child, having grandchildren, being famous…anything. Go all out. 




Don’t even think about it not being realistic. Don’t tell yourself that it probably won’t happen. Who cares about reality? This is your time to dream, so go and dream. And have fun! 

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One thought on “November Journaling Challenge: Day 11

  1. This is a WONDERFUL prompt for me; thank you! My 35 year career of being a domestic and international stewardess/flight attendant provided me with the opportunity to visit many cities throughout the world. I would look out airplane and hotel windows and see huge buildings and be in close proximity to thousands of people. My favorite kind of vacation would be backpacking with my husband and our dogs. To be alone in the mountains where you could see countless stars and smell pinon trees was beyond awesome!
    For this “challenge” I have purchased a Chevy Blazer and acquired a new German Shepard, similar to one I had years ago. She LOVED traveling and, for the most part, was obedient. We are planning a long trip to Glacier National Park in Montanna and Canada in early autumn. We stay in rustic cabins and spontaneously choose destinations that, upon reflection, result in amazing serendipitous adventures!

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