November Journaling Challenge: Day 12



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Welcome to the Day 12 of November Journaling Challenge. If you missed out on the earlier post, read the information about this challenge.


DAY 12 PROMPT – The Dinner Party

For today’s journaling, create a dinner party in words. 

The Guest List

You can invite 5 people, and only 5 people. They can be dead or alive, fictional or real. Think about the people you would love to have an opportunity to talk to. Who will you invite?

The Menu

What are you going to feed them? Be detailed. 

The Dinner Party

Now, imagine as if you are there. The host or the hostess, opening the door, and welcoming your fabulous guests. Really feel yourself there. Use your senses. Use your imagination. Write down the entire dinner party, as if you are recording a scene from your memory. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Who was wearing what?
  • What did everyone talk about?
  • How did your guests interact with one another?
  • Did they meet your expectations?
  • What enlightening conversations did you have?
  • Do you feel that the dinner party was a success? 

 This could be a really fun and yet really insightful exercise, but it will require you to lighten up and just let the words flow. 

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