November Journaling Challenge: Day 20




Welcome to the Day 20 of November Journaling Challenge. If you missed out on the earlier post, read the information about this challenge.


DAY 20 PROMPT – Emulating People You Admire

Who are the people you would like to emulate? Why? 

Pick at least five people. They can be anyone, dead or alive. People, about whom, you admire something. They don’t have to be perfect (no one is), they don’t have to be saintly. They simply need to have something, a skill or a characteristic that you admire and would like to have. 

How are you going to emulate them? This could become part of your personal growth and your self-education. 


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2 thoughts on “November Journaling Challenge: Day 20

  1. Interestingly when I started responding to this prompt this morning, I couldn’t think of anyone I wanted to emulate, but the more I wrote, names started coming to my mind. That’s what I like about journaling, it causes you to sometimes dig deeper and discover things you didn’t previously know.

  2. Absolutely. Also, interesting thing about emulating people is that we don’t necessarily need to like everything about them, nor have to hero-worship them. It’s about acknowledging qualities or skills in them that we would most like to acquire or learn, and emulate that.

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