November Journaling Challenge: Day 6



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Welcome to the Day 6 of November Journaling Challenge. If you missed out on the earlier post, read the information about this challenge.


DAY 6 PROMPT – Alphabetized You

Use adjectives to alphabetise yourself….i.e. A = Angry, B = bold, C = Cute and so on.

Don’t feel shy about using good, powerful adjectives or bad ones. This is about acknowledging who you think you are.

Have fun :-) 


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10 thoughts on “November Journaling Challenge: Day 6

  1. Nice one, Dolly. Was easier than I thought it would be. Discovered the word, “Xenacious” on Merriam Webster’s Word Central, which means “filled with yearning for change.” That’s me. Oddly can’t find the word in other dictionaries.

  2. This prompt did not speak to me at all. Because of this I did my journaling today from a footnote from this morning’s Bible reading.

    The quote from the footnote: “The body is a lifeless shell until God brings it alive with his “breath of life” When God removes his life-giving breath, our bodies once again returns to dust. Therefore our life and worth come from God’s Spirit.”

    Don’t you love that quote? God brought us from lifelessness to a glorious existence.

    You did say we did not have to stick to the prompts.

  3. I started out by writing the letters of the alphabet and throughout the day added descriptions of who I think I am/was and truly enjoying “a walk down memory lane.” As a child I was Overactive, Talkative, and Athletic. As a teen and young woman I was Insecure, Rebellious, and Pretty. Upon reaching adulthood, whenever that was, I was a Hippie, Compassionate, and Fearless. Today I retain some of these characteristics and include Unorganized, Generous, and Imaginitive as some of my adjectives. Thanks for this prompt as I am adding to it.

  4. My initial thought is that I really don’t want to do it, which generally means that I really ought to do it. (LOL)

    Here goes:

    Damn good dancer
    Good natured
    Joyous (a lot of the time)
    Not particularly neat (when it comes to organization)
    Old enough to know better ;-)
    Quite nice (most of the time)
    Rebellious (at times)
    Vacation-loving (I need a vacation now!)
    Xtremely creative
    Young at heart
    Zero tolerance for rudeness

  5. Annette,

    Of course! If the prompt doesn’t work for you at all,by all means skip it and journal about something else. The important thing is to journal.

  6. That is a cool word. Xenacious. Though I am suspicious of its validity as a “proper” word as it’s not listed on, and when I googled it, you don’t really find definitions.

    I wonder if it was an individual who made it up on Word Central, or if it came from somewhere. Either way, it’s interesting.

  7. Yeah, I doubled checked if an individual made it up, but I couldn’t verify. But anyway, it works for me. Who knows, if it’s used by more people it may become a legitimate word one day.

  8. Day 6 – Alphabetized Me!!!

    Well, thought today’s challenge was going to be a breeze. Little did I know. I have decided not to use all the letters of the alphabet, but just my name and how I would describe myself. I wrote my name down on a piece of paper and during the day added words as my mood changed and according to what people had either said to me or how I felt about myself at that particular moment. We never take a close look at ourselves because there are things that we don’t want to see, but writing them down is an eye-opener and makes you realize what you need to work on. I will now use this list, look at it each day and try and change the negative aspects of my life and my outlook on life. Start taking charge and making a difference.

    M = Mother, maid, mentor, magician, mulish
    A = Affectionate, appreciative, anxious, assertive, apprehensive
    R = Romantic, rash , respectful, ruthless, reliable, realist
    C = Caring, considerate, ceaseless, compliant, confident, cynical
    E = Enthusiastic, exacting, enduring
    L = Loving, lazy, likeable, lonely, lost
    L = Loyal, lacking, listless
    E = Expectant, envious, exhausted

    Now, round up the kids and get them to do the same. Maybe my teenage girls will find out some interesting things about themselves and about their mother.

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