November Journaling Challenge: Day 7



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Welcome to the Day 7 of November Journaling Challenge. If you missed out on the earlier post, read the information about this challenge.


DAY 7 PROMPT – A Perfect Solitary Day

Being solitary is being alone well: being alone luxuriously immersed in doings of your own choice, aware of the fullness of your won presence rather than of the absence of others. Because solitude is an achievement.

– Alice Koller

What is your idea of a perfect solitary day? Pretend that you are having one. Write in detail, exactly what would happen during your entire day. Everything is in your control. 

Use your imagination. At what time do you get up? What do you have for breakfast? What will you do for the rest of the day? 

Journal about your perfect solitary day.


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5 thoughts on “November Journaling Challenge: Day 7

  1. This is my favourite prompt so far. Perhaps because I am fortunate enough to have such days occasionally. I have been reading quite a bit about ‘being present’ and mindfulness recently. So, as I journalled on what my perfect solitary day would be then practising mindfulness would underpin it.

    Enjoying every activity for itself.

    Its kind of funny because I find myself most keen to write when I don’t have time, but when I do have plenty of time it seems more difficult to set some aside (perhaps because I have so much scope to enjoy other things) haha.
    So part of a perfect solitary day would be including time for reflection, reviewing old journals and perhaps tackling a particular issue in my journal – broken up with time to just enjoy the world – walking, listening to music, having a new experience.

    Perhaps the greatest benefit of such a day is being able to journal all the way through, whenever I feel like it – noting what I am aware of while focusing fully on everything I do.

  2. I LOVE solitary days!!! I’m an only child, so I have no problem enjoying my own company. In fact, I need a LOT of alone-time to “recharge my batteries” which get drained by being around too many people, which is what I experience at work. In fact, it is my goal to create an online business and build it up to where I earn enough to QUIT my job! :-D

    So, my ideal day would be a day when my husband is working and I have the house all to myself. I would get up around 7:00am and enjoy a delicious cup of hot coffee while playing a game of Mahjongg on the computer. Then, I’d toast a pumpkin bagel and spread it with pumpkin cream cheese (I LOVE autumn.) I would then turn on Pandora radio and settle into creating content for my blog and products, followed by keeping in touch with my social media friends and real-life friends.

    I would take a few breaks to play with our pets, plus do some organizing and cleaning of our home. I’d start cooking dinner in late afternoon so there wouldn’t be much to do after my husband got home. We would enjoy some nice wine while eating dinner and watching a show we’d recorded on the DVR.

    Around 10:30pm, I’d go to bed and savor how good it feels to get under the covers when the air is crisp and cool. Ahhh………

    (The days I’m not working at my J-O-B are actually a lot like this ideal day, so the sooner I can quit my job, the better!)

  3. For starters I love today’s illustration.

    The fresh green grass reminds me of some of the best places to achieve solitary time. I like outdoor places like by a place with a view of the mountains or, perhaps a lake. Something quiet allowing you uninterrupted thoughts. My father loved going fishing, it had more to do with the time on the lake than the fish. At college I loved watching the baby ducks on the lake it involved a walk to the lake and home to get my mind off work, or things I needed to get done.

  4. Another good prompt, Dolly. I had a nice solitary moment after dropping my child off to school to write and reflect on the topic. Solitude is a must, but though I work from home, and it’s quiet, I don’t always view it as solitude when I’m working.

  5. Since I live alone and have been retired for some years now, I am taking my perfect day from 15 years ago about this time of year. I arise early, have a big breakfast, and am excited about my plans for the day. My favorite flowers are pansies and this is the perfect time of year to purchase and plant them. There are specific ones I like so am choosy about the ones I get. Then I go to a local produce shop where they sell many varieties of pecans in bulk and will shell them for you. I live in Texas where they are plentiful. My 90 year old aunt/Godmother lives in Iowa where they are nonexistant. She loves baking and is so appreciative of the ones I send her. She is critical of which varieties she likes so I send many different ones. Over a span of about three months I will send her about 20 pounds which she shares with her family and friends. The pleasure she gets from these pecans rivals my joy at providing them for her. She been so loving and generous to me all my life!

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