November Journaling Challenge: Day 9



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Welcome to the Day 9 of November Journaling Challenge. If you missed out on the earlier post, read the information about this challenge.



For today’s journaling entry, answer this one question;

What is love? 


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4 thoughts on “November Journaling Challenge: Day 9

  1. I wrote about how love is a devotion to the people we care about. I also wrote about the kind of love we should humanity in general. Though it is difficult to love everyone in the same way we love your children or your spouse, love is about caring and having empathy for other people, because that kind of love increases our humanity.

  2. What is love? reminds me of a song from Oliver Twist, and the episode of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman where Brian had to answer the question for school. What is love?

    I guess for me a large part of it is finding someone on the internet to fall in love with and marry. We have passed our twelfth anniversary.

  3. My interpretation of love is having a strong attraction or passion for both animate and inanimate objects.
    To me this is a very subjective question and quite thought provoking!

  4. Popular culture always seems to define love as between two people, focusing on just that moment of when they meet and realize it is ‘meant to be’. I don’t blame many for wanting that kind of love, I want it myself. I think that pure acceptance that comes with love is what people find the most attractive about that kind of scenario. But love doesn’t have to come from a significant other. For me, I am lucky to have a large extended family and tons of love comes from that. I can think of many moments where that pure acceptance comes from other people, not necessarily a significant other.

    Some examples of love, the enthusiasm my dog shows when I come home every day, or even wake up in the morning. The love that comes from my wonderful friends from high school, when we all are together and catching up after a long time of not seeing each other. The pure acceptance from two of my friends when I was struggling to learn how to hear after getting a hearing aid. A friends compassion when I had a severe anxiety attack, with him being the first person to follow up and make sure I was ok. The support from two of my cousins when I was trying to get into graduate school, and their understanding when I didn’t get in. Another cousin calling me in excitement after I shared the news of getting my internship on Facebook. One of my best friends parents showing up to my senior recital despite the fact that he or his brothers weren’t able to make it.

    Any time I am frustrated with the whole romantic love thing, worrying about how a crush doesn’t seem to like me back or something of the sort, I remember moments like those. Then I know that whatever happens, I’ve got enough love in my life and that makes everything ok.

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