Number 1 Motivation Tip: Work Yourself Up


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I bet you have worked yourself up into stress mode at some point. Probably worry mode too. Maybe even panic mode. Sure, you have. We all have. Your partner/child doesn’t call when they were supposed, and you go through the stages of irritation, concern, annoyance, worry, and when they are still not answering their phone…full blown panic. You imagine a multitude of horrible scenarios in your head. There is almost always an accident involved, or a vision of them lying in a ditch somewhere, even if you have never seen a ditch before. 

So you know what I’m talking. Working yourself up, by using your imaginative powers.

And the advice you almost always get is: don’t work yourself up.

That’s an excellent advice when it comes to negative imagination.

But when it comes to positive imagination, you absolutely want to work yourself up.

That’s the number one key to being motivated. You need to work yourself into a frenzy of excitement and anticipation. You need to surround yourself with the information, things and people related to whatever you want to do. You need to feel so inspired that you get fired up, and feel motivated to tackle your goals.

For example, do you want to get into exercise? Read articles, use pinterest for visual inspiration. (I have done this personally, and it works).

Do you want to write more? Read inspiration quotes about writing. Read articles about writers. Just look at images of writers doing their job. Watch movies about writers. 

Do you want to be more productive? 
Do you want to be a better parent?
Do you want to be more romantic towards your partner?
Do you want to worry less?
It doesn’t matter what your goal is. Focus on it. Then find material that gives you positive information and inspiration. Ensure that as much of this material as possible is visual. Visual motivation is incredibly powerful. Harness that power. 

Schedule time for inspiration. At least twice a week, for 15 minutes. Do it three or four times a week if you can. 

But that’s not it. You don’t just get to dream. 

At the end of the each inspiration session, decide on one action you can take. It can be something very small. Just one step. But you need to decide a specific action, and do it. 

That’s it. Be inspired. And do. 

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