Manifesto Journal


To inspire you. It’s a handy reminder of fuelling your ambitions, daring to be audacious, and embracing your authenticity. Use the quality pages in this handy spiral bound journal, which is just pretty enough to be not intimidating, and start your own Kaizen Journaling journey.

Kaizen Warrior Journal

Kaizen Warrior - Journal

We all have a Kaizen Warrior within us. I’m sure you recognize and follow at least some, if not all, of these seven principles. Let this journal be a constant reminder of the person you are trying to be, the Kaizen Warrior within you that is trying to come out. Let this be a reminder of your potential.



Manifesto Note Cards

Note Cards (Pk of 10)

Need to say “Thank You” or “Good luck” to someone? Or maybe you haven’t sent your family and friends hand-written note cards for years. You can do it now. Inspire others with this manifesto note cards.



Manifesto Poster

Poster Get this 16″ X 20″ poster, and surround yourself with kick-ass inspiration. If Kaizen Journaling values and message resonates with you and inspires you, then this is just what you need for a motivational kick.


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