Striving for a Secure Life? Look No Further…



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If you were brought up with standard values, or have lived for those values, you probably believe that security is important. It prevents us from falling too far when things go wrong. If you have a secure income, you are unlikely to end up bankrupt. If you have a secure marriage, you won’t end up alone. If you have secured your savings, you will be able to pay for your kids’ college. If you keep working in one company, in one field, building up experience, you will be able to have a job security. 

These are the kind of things you might have heard, or may even have repeated to someone else. These are the kind of things a large population of our world strives for. 

I am not saying there is anything wrong with it. We live in a very uncertain world, and life itself is unpredictable, so it makes sense to create as much security as possible, even an illusion of it, just to give yourself peace of mind that you are prepared for the future. It gives you a sense of control over things which you really have no control over. 

But have you ever considered the cost of this illusionary security? 

There is no security in this life. There is only opportunity.

—Douglas MacArthur

Are you trading your opportunities in favour of the illusion of security? 

What paths have you not travelled on, because you have stuck too hard on the path you decided to stick with because it’s secure? What potential rewards you have missed out on because you haven’t been willing to take any risks? 

There can be no joy without sorrow. No beginnings without endings. There can be no rewards without risks. No growth without change. 

Striving for a completely secure life means striving for a life under a shell. It means you are not allowing yourself to be fully open to all the opportunities that come your way, to all that you could be. 

Don’t run after the illusion of security, run instead after living the life fully and completely. Yes, it’s scary. Sometimes you have no idea what the next step is going to be. But as long as you know you are doing the right thing at any given time, as long as you feel like the path you are following is the right path, follow all the turns and twists that come along the way. 

For most of us, there is rarely a clear destination, because life is a journey-in-progress. Perhaps, if we could look back at our life after death, we could see the purpose and the pattern more clearly behind all the turns we took, and twists that seemed to have gotten in the way. But hindsight is not offered to us when we are in the process of living. So all we can do is make a decision to live honestly – not just with the world, but with our selves. To be true to who we truly are, and if we don’t know who we are yet, then to keep trying to discover it. 

There is far more security in being who you were meant to be, to reach your full potential, than the security any material goal can offer.

What do you think? Are you striving for security, or are you striving  to be YOU? 



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