The Concept of Productivity


Productivity is a subjective concept. One person’s productivity is another person’s “taking it easy.” I had a major case of this today. I felt rather down and grumpy and felt like I’d pretty much wasted the weekend, not having completed all that I wanted to complete

And then I realised that I’d already written over 1500 words today for a Kaizen Journaling Project I’m working on. 

Now, most people would say 1500 words a day is not bad.  At other times, I would agree with that myself. But that’s where the subjectivity of productivity comes in.

It’s subjective, so that means, a part of it at least is emotional. Productivity is not a constant. You don’t feel the same way about it every day. One day’s great work is another day’s crap.

Important thing is being aware of this fluctuation. Think about your concept of productivity. What does it mean to be productive? When do you feel satisfied about your day? What makes it feel like a wasted day?

Are you usually aware of the fluctuations in your concept of productivity?



Take the questions raised in this post, and journal about your concept of productivity.



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