The Kaizen Journaling Manifesto


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These values are what this site is about. If they resonate with you, inspire you or intrigue you then we would love to consider you a regular reader.

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Write down at least three values from the manifesto that resonate with you. How are you living these values? If you aren’t, how can you start living them?
Thanks Holstee and Expert Enough for inspiration.

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29 thoughts on “The Kaizen Journaling Manifesto

  1. Love the word Kaizen – in fact so much I just posted about Kaizen myself. Love the manifesto- esp. time is life. So many truths in this. Great post.

  2. This is awesome Dolly! I love it! It is now hanging next to my vision board at my office alongside the Self Guided Education Manifesto by Scott Dinsmore.

  3. Joel,

    Thank you, and it is fabulous that after three decades you were able to break out from that. Some people never manage it, so that’s an awesome achievement.

  4. Nandor,

    That’s one of the best things I’ve heard about my work :-) Next to Scott Dinsmore’s work is huge honour. Hell, being on your wall is a huge honour! Thank you.

  5. I love it! “It takes courage to acknowledge your dreams. It takes discipline to turn them into reality.” —> so true! Very inspiring. :)

  6. Glad you found it inspiring, Kaylee.

    Discipline is often one of the hardest things to acquire. It still is for me in some things, but in other things where you have a strong dream, and are driven by passion, it becomes easier.

  7. You know, being totally honest, if you sold a poster with your manifesto I would buy it and plunk it nice and prominently in my room. Actually, you’ve given me a good idea. I need to write my own equally awesome manifesto and plunk it in my room.

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