Where is the “Journaling” in Kaizen Journaling? (And my FREE Birthday Gift to You)


Recently, someone unsubscribed from this blog. Fortunately, they left a very helpful leaving comment, for which I am truly, genuinely grateful.

I always appreciate it whenever anyone takes the time to leave a comment or email me. We are all extremely busy, and so when you spend that two minutes, I know it touched you enough to make that effort.

This particular comment said:

You’re less about journaling and more about a BRIGHT SPARKLING NEW AWESOME LIFE, which is not what I’m interested in. good luck.

I’m going to be the first to admit that this site, or any site is not going to be for everyone. Just like in life, on-line people get in-sync with certain things and certain people. And that’s perfectly okay.

When I first read this, my reaction was: “But that’s what journaling is for.”  After a few minutes, I thought about it some more and came to two conclusions.

1. Either I wasn’t clearly communicating my concept of journaling


2. This person has a particular idea about journaling and it is not in sync with mine

Number 2 is beyond my control. It is simply a matter of differences, and I don’t need to worry about it. But Number 1 did concern me. As I prefer to be a woman of action, instead of worrying about it, I decided to write a post about it.

This is how I would rephrase that original comment:


I wouldn’t say “new” because most people don’t need a new life. Most of us are blessed with enough good things in life that we wouldn’t want to change everything.

All we are aiming for is improvement. Improvement in our personal growth. Improvement in our circumstances. Improvement in our relationships.

People use journals for various reasons. Some use it as a therapy. Others use it simply as a diary to log their day-to-day activity. Some people use it for emotional cleansing, family legacy, illness diary, dream diary, fiction diary, and no doubt countless other reasons. They are all valid, because journaling is about self-expression, and therefore, it is about YOUR Expression.


I use journaling for a Kaizen life. What does that mean? It means, I’m not simply sitting there, filling out pages after pages of expensive moleskine paper, getting cramps in my fingers, and pouring out words that are just venting or emotional baggage, or pretty designs or fun prompts. I do all those things too – but they are a part of my journaling, not the whole of it.

I journal because it helps me focus on issues that are prevalent in my mind. I journal to figure out the thoughts that are keeping me negative, positive, excited, enthusiastic. I journal to clarify my goals and objectives, and my dreams. I journal to figure out the next step in whatever new scheme I might be cooking up. I journal to sort through people issues. I journal to dig deeper into more spiritual aspect and work on personal development, and overcoming or at least improving my weak points.

I journal to measure my achievements and my failures, and to record a life that is uniquely mine.

By doing all of these, I consciously and deliberately attempt to take steps towards creating a life that is BRIGHT, SPARKLING, AWESOME.

Journaling for me, is not the end. It is a method by which I achieve desired results. A journal is a medium. Some people paint, others make things with their hands, I journal. It is a medium of communicating with myself, in a way that is most efficient and effective for me.

Perhaps that is not how you see journaling. And that’s okay. There are plenty of other awesome blogs that will teach you about all different kinds of journaling. I am here because I recognize what an amazing, powerful and potent tool a journal is to take control of one’s life, stop wasting time and effort, and create the life you want.

So this blog absolutely is about journaling – but it’s about practical application of journaling, as it applies to living a fulfilled life in which you are free to follow your dreams, achieve success on your own terms, and be completely and outrageously authentic. This blog is to help you embrace your inner Kaizen Warrior. 

What is your view on journaling? Please share your feedback in the comments below.

Moving On To Your Free Gift 

Tomorrow, May 6th, is my Birthday. I’m one of those people who like their birthdays (Hey what’s not to like. Life is for living and enjoying), so I wanted to do something special. And I wanted to involve you, my fellow Kaizen Warriors and people who are supporting my blog and my work by their presence and their enthusiasm.

That’s why I have decided to give YOU a present. I honestly don’t know how long I’m going to do this for. It depends on time and circumstances. But whether this lasts for a few weeks or a few months, it definitely isn’t going to be indefinite, so now is your chance.

So what do you get?

You get 15 Minutes of Free Coaching. I’ll personally help you with a particular question or problem you have, and guide you so you can use journaling, and make some clear progress.

Whether your question about improving your journaling, living a Kaizen Life, or brainstorming your personal goal or ambition – I can help.

Again, this is at absolutely NO COST to you. I’m doing it, because I want to show my appreciation to the people who are supporting Kaizen Journaling. It makes my day whenever I receive an email or a message from someone I’ve never met, telling me how my posts have helped them.

I believe, whole heartedly in Kaizen Journaling. I believe that journaling is a potent tool that can accelerate the pace of your personal and professional growth. I believe that you too can see tangible results if you utilise the power of journaling. 

All you need to do to take me up on this offer is to enter your email address below, and follow the instructions to receive your free coaching.

I look forward to working with you.

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33 thoughts on “Where is the “Journaling” in Kaizen Journaling? (And my FREE Birthday Gift to You)

  1. This is great, Dolly. You took a comment and used it as an opportunity to get more clear about the purpose of Kaizen Journaling.

    I like to journal for a variety of reasons, sometimes I need to vent, sometimes I need clarity but always it is my favorite tool for personal growth.

  2. Love How you took the comment Dolly and turned it into an empowering process for you and your blog.

    I love to journal as it is a way to truly be in touch with the inner self, and is great for really listening and can be a wonderful discovery time. Great you have clarity.

  3. Thanks, Loran. Communication is such a key aspect in life, and especially on a blog. I think it’s essential to be as clear as possible.

    Your use of journaling makes perfect sense. To be honest, there is no right or wrong in it anyway, because it’s entirely up to the individual.

  4. Suzie,

    Thank you. I think it’s important to learn from feedback. Sometimes, you may not agree with it, and sometimes your way might be the right one, but it’s important to at least acknowledge that feedback, give it a thorough consideration and then decide what you want to do with it.

    Journaling to be in touch with inner self is so useful. Without it, I think it would probably have taken me double the time to have the self awareness that I have now.

  5. Hi Dolly,

    I love this post but especially the part where you get into “I journal because…” and “I journal to…”. I know you linked to your About page in this and I think you could even take this great “I journal…” section and incorporate it there. It’s a strong message and clearly states your big “why” behind Kaizen Journaling. As long as people read it you won’t have to worry about them being out of synch with what you’re trying to help people with here on this website.

  6. Hmmm… I’m really starting to consider journaling, Dolly. There is definitely something to it, even if it is “just” being able to write down the thoughts and desires of the current me and then some time in the future look back and think, “What a twit!” :)

    Especially since my memory is very elusive, which always annoys my girlfriend. Only the last few days remain vivid in my mind, the rest just falls into a fog of ‘the past’. Just today I was talking with her over Skype and she said we hadn’t talked in over two and a half weeks. For me it only seemed like a couple of days…

    I also think that there is great power in creating a ritual of lets say writing down a thing (not in the plural) you don’t like about yourself and burning the paper to get the energy moving.

    Or even burning an entire journal if that is a representation of a past that weighs on someone and doesn’t act as a guide.

    What do you think, Dolly? Could you ever burn one of your journals and what would be reason for it?

  7. Hey Joel,

    That’s a great idea. I will take a look at my about page, and see how I can incorporate this. It’s one of those things that where because you are so passionate about something, you take it for granted as a regular thing, until someone else points out the power in it :-)

    Thank you very much. That’s a great tip.

  8. Indrek,

    I would definitely recommend journaling, no matter for what reason. It actually does serve as a good memory jogger. My memory is pretty good, but journaling really pins things down. Few months ago, we needed to know when we moved into this house, and I only vaguely remember the year and maybe a month. I browsed through my journals from that year, and voila, I had an exact date.

    If you do start using it as a memory thing, eventually, it can and will become much more than that.

    As for burning – I have thought about this before, and no I don’t think I can. Sometimes, I think that maybe when I am dying, I could instruct other people to do it. However, then I think about all the published diaries I wouldn’t have read if those people had burned their diaries. I think it would be a great loss.

    I don’t want anyone I know to read my journals. But as an avid journal keeper, I appreciate the value of it. To be able to read personal journals of people who lived before your time, in a different world and in different circumstances and yet be able to relate to them is extra-ordinary.

    So while you can never say never, the person I am today, I don’t think I would ever burn any journals.

  9. Like you Dolly, I journal because I’m passionate about life. And like you, I love to let my journal aid me in my growth.

    You have done an excellent job of creating a framework for letting people know that journal writing is (or at least can be) one of the most important self-improvement tools available today.

  10. Fabulous post well done for taking that feedback to redefine your purpose and vision for you site. I read your posts and think yeah journaling is great I did it in the past when I needed it. But this post has really made me sit up and think I may just start again. This post stirred something. Thanks for that Dolly and thank you for your recent support and encouragement :)

  11. Good for you for not retreating into knee-jerk defensive mode!

    I wish more people were able to objectively evaluate comments. There’s no room for people who are deliberately trying to be hurtful, of course, but when you reject every less-than-glowing comment you’re turning your back on growth.

    I guess this topic rings true for me because I read a very long (11,000 word) post on another blog this morning by a man who is obviously skilled but seems content to live off the adulation of his readers, most of whom equate length with quality. I left a frank comment and will no doubt be roasted for it. C’est la vie.

  12. Yvonne,

    Thank you :-) I am so passionate about journaling and I believe in it so strongly that I could not help but share it! I think so many people could benefit from journaling, even if they formed the simple habit of recording thing, so if they did actually focus on it as a self-growth tool, the potential is boundless.

  13. Ciara,

    I’m glad this post had that impact on you. You have no idea how much it means to me when anyone is inspired to journal because of something I wrote. That is ultimately my aim here. To get people to appreciate the power of journaling :-)

  14. You are so correct about turning your back on the growth.

    Also, it’s important to accept different points of view, whether we agree with them or not, or it would be a constant battle ground. Not to mention, no room to hone one’s persuasive skills ;)

    Everyone likes to be liked (okay, most people), and we would all think it was great if people just loved our stuff. But that’s not how people work. You click with some, and not with others. And even with people you like, there are bound to be disagreements, so I have no problem with that.

  15. You rock! I am so glad you shared your story- it really is encouraging. To take someone’s comment and reflect and share is brave. We all journal for a variety of reasons and what we get out of it the process is very personal. I love the philosophy of Kaizen. Great post!

  16. Actually, I slightly agree with the comment. As someone who has an interest in doing more valuable journaling, I’ve found that some of your posts kick ass in providing journaling guidelines, and others are more general. I personally enjoy and find valuable both of those types of posts, but if I was just looking for journaling tips, I can definitely seeing myself getting confused. However, this could be because my daily journaling consists of writing 3 sentences.
    Great job listening to your readers and confronting the challenge!

    Write on!

  17. Amit,

    Thank you, because your comment has inspired me to write another post, so watch out for that. :-))

    As for Kaizen Journaling – it was never intended to be and will never be just about journaling tips and techniques. I will explain further in the post. However, the tag line is not simply a marketing thing. It is absolutely the core of this site and the values, and the things which in my opinion contribute to people’s success (whatever it means to them), and how they can use a journal to achieve that.

    Also, people are too used to seeing journaling prompts that are clearly labelled “prompts”. But in reality, every single post here is a prompt in itself because at the end of each one there is an actionable step which people can journal about.

    Still working on the post that came from this…but it will be called something like 3 Levels of Journaling!

  18. I can tell from this post that you really are passionate about journaling. I love that! You might even be inspiring me to pick up my habit of morning pages again… It really is amazing, the insights you gain from the simple act of writing.

    I can see how the unsubscriber might’ve misinterpreted the blog’s aim – since the name has “journaling” in it, one might expect it to be solely about journaling. But I like how you handled it – it’s definitely more clear. And I like your comment to Amit – every blog post is a prompt. So true!

  19. “As I prefer to be a woman of action, instead of worrying about it, I decided to write a post about it.”

    Now that’s what I call resiliency!

  20. As usual you are on it Dolly, and used this comment as food for thought that turned into a thought provoking post for all of us! Journaling is a powerful to for personal growth, and the Kaizen way seems to make it all the more powerful. I wonder if there’s some way you could incorporate that reason for journaling into the tagline or somewhere here on the front page. That would eliminate all confusion for those who come for the journaling info but then see a post about living an awesome life and get confused. Could even be the line underneath your photo if you wanted to put your lovely face on the side bar. Just some thoughts.

    Once again you’ve written an insightful post.

  21. Kaylee,

    Thank you. Yes, I am absolutely passionate about journaling, which is actually precisely the reason why this blog is not about tips and techniques. Journaling is so much more than that. To break it down to tips and techniques is valuable (and there are other blogs and books that have already accomplished this well), but that means you are also taking away so much value and potential of what journaling could accomplish.

    Over the coming few weeks and months, I hope to show my readers, exactly how I go about doing that.

  22. Sarah,

    Thank you for the birthday wishes, and for your very encouraging comment.

    I thought about what you said, and I think what I am going to do is create a Start Here page, which will have this post, and some of the others that fully explain the purpose of this blog.

    Photo on the sidebar is definitely something I need to consider. Just need to make sure I make it fit in, so I will fiddle with that as soon as I get a chance :-) Thank you for the suggestions. They are excellent ideas and I hope to do something with them.

  23. Journaling has had a couple of purposes for me over the years. Back in 2006 it started as a journal of the day-to-day life of a house husband, in hopes of providing help to other house husbands (obviously, it was an online journal). Gradually it also became a way to vent frustrations, when I became homeless it became a way for friends to stay up to date on events in my life.

    Nowadays (with my journal still being online but private) it serves as a way to vent (still plenty to vent about, sadly) and as a log of events — necessary because my own memory has been going downhill for several years now. The bad news is that according to the experts, it’s irreversible.

    On a positive note: journaling almost daily for about 5.5 years now helped me ‘find my voice’ and develop my (according to some people very distinct) style. For now it’s journaling and blogging, but I’ve already gotten ideas for a number of books.

    Now I just need to write them… :-)

  24. Jeroen,

    That’s excellent that you have found your voice through journaling. It’s one of the advantages people often underestimate. Writing, like anything, requires practice to get better at.

    Now is the time to get started with those books :-)

  25. Journaling to me is, a way of finding myself. Due to childhood trauma I’ve lived in a state of dissociation far too long. I journal a lot in between therapy. And it’s on the paper that I learn about myself. I write things I “didn’t know” before picking up the pen, things I could never say out loud, things that surprise me about myself, things that make other things make sense in a way I never realized before.

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