Why Do We Save Good Stuff For Later?


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You know when you are eating a cake, you keep the best bit – whether it’s a cherry, or a piece of brownie – for last. Because you want to savour the taste. You want to keep it right till the end. 

It’s not just about food though. 

I’m currently going through a major de-cluttering exercise, attempting to embrace semi-minimalism. As I go through all of my stuff, I find a lot of things that are barely used. Because I’ve been saving them for a nice place, or a special thing or before I use up ordinary things. Scarves I haven’t used because I didn’t want them to get ruined in rain or wear out because I had other more “ordinary” ones; shoes I haven’t worn because you can’t really run after a bus wearing high heels; stickers I haven’t used because I didn’t want to just “waste” them; journals I haven’t used because I was saving them for when something special, something big happened. 

As I look at all these stuff….I can only think….what a DUMB ASS! I paid good money for all these stuff, because I liked it. I liked it, so why not use it? Why not enjoy it now?  I could die tomorrow and then I definitely won’t be able to use any of it. 

By waiting for a better day to use something, I’m telling myself, today is not good enough. This moment is not special enough. Why? What’s going to make tomorrow more special? I have no idea. 

Rather than waiting for a better tomorrow, our focus should be on creating a better today. That means, not worrying about saving good things for another day. That means, to enjoy ourselves with everything we’ve got. 

This applies to creativity too. Don’t save your best ideas for later, for another book, another song, or another painting. Pour it out now. Use it. There will be more ideas later. Just as there will be more stuff. 

It’s okay, to save the brownie for the last bite, but just wear the damn scarf. It’s meant to be rained on. 



Journal about how you save good stuff for later. Is there anything about that habit that you would change? Share your answer with us in the comments. 



2 thoughts on “Why Do We Save Good Stuff For Later?

  1. I have some Clairefontaine brand notebooks that I really love because of the wonderful paper quality. I have been saving them and not using them as journals because they’re so nice I want to keep them for some undefined later. I had the same epiphany a month ago, and started using them because that’s what I bought them for, and seriously… I can buy more if I use these up.

    However, I save the best part of a cake for last because the anticipation is often as good or better than the actual thing. Wanting something is often better than having it. I think it was Mr. Spock who said that.

  2. Hi Michael. I always tell people not to buy the very expensive notebooks. Because, the cost hampers them in the way that they use them.
    Entries have to be “good ones”, white space is expensive, mistakes become so terribly traumatic that the freedom that a journal should embody is lost.

    I’m glad that yours are now giving you the pleasure they should.

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