Why I’m Avoiding A New Journal

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image by Dolly Garland


Last night I finished my current journal. Journal #32 to be precise. Last few pages are filled in tiny writing because I was travelling and didn’t want to run out of space.

Usually, I’m excited to finish a journal and start a new one. Ending a journal is almost a ritual. I like to reflect on what’s happened in that period, and part with that journal on the basis that our mutual journey is now finished. I like clean endings. I like goodbyes, rather than uncertainties.

This current journal didn’t give me a chance to say goodbye. The last few pages are filled with writings from my trip, to the place where I returned after 11 years. It left me in reflection, emotional, and thought overload. My journal pages ran out, but the overload has not finished yet.

There is still so much to say, so much to think about, and so when I start a new journal, it will be a continuation rather than a beginning. I am avoiding my new journal because I did not get a clean ending and a clean beginning, even though I know they are merely illusions.

Life is not a tidy book, with chapters that each have beginning, middle, and an end. Life is a chaotic story in a free-written form. Sometimes, if you look for them, you can see the beginnings, and middles. You never see the end, because of course then you are dead.

I’m giving myself a few hours to adjust, to accept this continuation, and start my journal #33 sometime today. You feel obligated to start with a bang, otherwise it seems like a waste. Life is full of bangs, some bangs just make less noise than others. I’ll remember that as I start scribbling, because I might procrastinate now and again, but when you are a scribbler right down to your soul, there is nothing else to do but keep scribbling.


Journal about your ideas for beginnings and endings of a new journal. 



8 thoughts on “Why I’m Avoiding A New Journal

  1. The picture of all your journals looks like mine all 49 of them all different format and color!
    I enjoy trying new feel and texture from my new journal.. I am the other way.. I love starting new! Half way thru my journal I start looking forward to the new one :)
    This world is a beautiful place because we are all different..

  2. How bout tipping in a few extra pages, I often do that when I want to add something and there isn’t any room…or possibly pasting an envelope to the inside back cover. Just a thought…

  3. Great post, Dolly. In some sense, I think that we are always beginning. Perhaps all your journals can be seen as part of a seamless whole that is your life. I love the photo. Generally I have used only one type of journal, but lately, have mixed it up a bit. I love the colors and variety that you have depicted.

  4. Hello Lynn,

    Yes I have always used a variety of journals. There are some repeat ones, such as moleskines and paperblanks. But there are so many pretty ones to choose from, so I like experimenting.

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