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Christmas is almost upon us. So for an advance gift, I’m going to give out a free copy of the Create A Christmas Journal course. 

To find out what the course is all about, read the description here.

If you want to create a valuable personal memento of your own for yourself or to give someone as a present, this course will help you do that. While this course focuses on Christmas, in the spirit of transferable ideas, there is nothing to stop you from using this material and relating it to other holidays.

Before I tell you about the contest, first let me answer a valid concern:

What if I have already bought this course?

If you have already purchased this course, then you can either give this win to someone else as a gift or you can pick another course of same or lesser value within next 12 months. Kaizen Journaling Academy will be offering a range of courses in 2015, and you will have the opportunity to take your pick.

To enter the contest and for your free chance to win, all you need to do is tweet about it, using @kaizenjournal in your tweet. I will select the winner by end of Sunday, 7th of December, GMT time. You can start the course immediately after you win, or you can start it from any date you wish.

So get tweeting, and create your own awesome Christmas Journal. 




4 thoughts on “Win A Free Course – Create A Christmas Journal

  1. I have Facebook yes, but Twitter, no! I’d love to take park but guess I can’t.

  2. Denise,

    Congratulations! You are the winner. You can start the course as soon as you wish. Please email me: dolly [at] kaizenjournaling [com] and I will start sending you the course modules.

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