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It’s difficult enough to set precise goals, and even harder to follow them. A lot of the times, what you need is just some support and encouragement, or a new way of thinking. At other times, you need someone to guide you and show  you way to get you started on your journey. EPIC 2014 from Kaizen Journaling Academy provides both.

Now is your chance to enter in the contest to win a place for this year’s EPIC 2014 course. The course starts on January 15th, and you can read all the details about it here.

TO WIN: leave a comment BELOW THIS POST as to why you want to win this  course, and how committed you are to doing the work. 

Good luck, and I hope to see you on your EPIC journey. 

PS: For those of  you who have already signed up, you can still enter. If you win the place, you can either gift it to someone else or get your fee refunded.


11 thoughts on “Win a Free Course: EPIC 2014

  1. Of course I was attracted to the idea of an new course from Kaizen this year, but when I read the list you had in the description, I realized these two issues affect me most –

    – You are overwhelmed by your goals, and how much work you need to do to achieve them

    – You lack confidence

    I would like to take this course and am committed to getting the work done. I’ve done a lot of work this past year on clarity for my vision in my business and focusing on setting goals – I can do this work and move beyond the two issues above.

  2. Wow. I could use help in all those areas. My confidence has been at an all-time low lately. This course could be just the thing to get me writing again. I am committed to doing the work. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  3. I happen to fall into two different categories. They are:

    You set resolutions but never follow through
    Your goals are unrealistic, too ambitious, or too long-winded

    I’m a very self-motivated person. I have planners and agenda books with all the accessories to go with them. I write my goals down regularly but I seldom follow through with them all. I get so wrapped up with work that I fail to care for myself. Years go by and my dreams remain unfulfilled. They get transferred to the next year’s resolution list.

    I want to take this EPIC course because I think I could benefit from some outside encouragement. I’m also a very visual person so the idea of worksheets to complete is very enticing for me.

    I’m ready to have an amazing and personally fulfilling 2014!

  4. I have decided that 2014 is THE year that I finish and publish my memoirs. This project has been my nemesis for years and I know that my dreams and psyche won’t leave me alone until it is a done deal. I don’t know exactly why my dreams haunt me if I am not always in the active mode when it comes to writing this book, but I know that they convey a sense of this being of the utmost importance.

    I’m writing it for the little girl I once was who was abused and how, years later, the adult woman I am now is healing her and nurturing her uniqueness and her creativity. No one ever did this for me and I know that if I don’t do it, no one else will.

    It’s so much easier to let distractions from the outside world creep in and take over my writing time and space. This year, I have promised myself (and my inner little girl) that my own self-care in writing this book is more important than all the eye-candy on websites could ever give.

    Thank you for offering one of us to have the course for free. It looks to be just what I need to help me accomplish my soul purpose, something that won’t take too long, but from which I will benefit for a lifetime. Not to mention making my inner child very, very happy!


  5. For some reason 2014 has become a year of URGENCY! A year when I feel forced to take the time away from the ‘busyness of life’, remove the distractions of work and other people’s needs to create space for my own needs and desires. Somehow this is an overwhelming feat and I find as in every other year the challenge of doing less in order to create space for my own personal journey is overwhelming. Health, Work, Study and Financial issues have been a source of constant challenge the last five years, juggling all balls in the air at once, not being present with myself and not seeing things through. Like the seeds that fall on rocky soil without rain or nutrients, they sprout but never flourish!
    I see this course as an opportunity to glean support and encouragement for myself, a compass that will set me on a path that will empower me to achieving the very best ME, giving me the opportunity to give back to others in first class power!
    I am grateful to Kaizen Journaling Academy for the opportunity to undertake EPIC 2014 now instead of having to schedule in when my budget allows me to do so.

  6. I’ve decided a few months ago that I am willing to change the way I live life and actually finish things. But for some reason I still don’t even if I have a little energy left after re-doing all the chores I did the day before. This sounds like a course that could help me. Here are some of the issues I have:

    -You set resolutions but never follow through
    -You are too busy with your day-to-day concerns to set goals. You have to go to work, cook, clean, send kids to school, and then there is no energy left for things you want to achieve
    -You are overwhelmed by your goals, and how much work you need to do to achieve them
    -You feel demotivated and lazy to get started or re-startedYou lack confidence

    There’s also the “I feel like no matter how hard I work at things they never get better or are still mediocre”

    I seem to have high resistence to doing the added work above what I have to do daily already. But I want to. I just usually procrastinate because I’m so tired. Thanks for the offer, even if I don’t win. Good luck to all!

  7. Dear Dolly, first of all thank you for offering such interesting chance. I have decided to change the way I live life but, still I haven’t exercise it in full scale this is because of lack of some directions. My response for most of the questions included in the list “YES”, therefore this course will help me and I am committed to do so.

  8. When I saw the description of the class, I was excited. I always have the best intentions of following my goals and to make new ones. But life seems to distract me and there seems to not be enough time to do both. I would very much like to take this class and figure out how to follow through with goals and intentions. Stepping out of my box and following my dreams. Exciting.

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