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Kaizen Journaling Academy (KJA) is now open for registration. Check out the new page in the menu tab above. From now on, you will find details of all current and upcoming courses on the Academy page.

To celebrate the launch of KJA, I’m going to have three draws in which you can win a free place on a Current Course of your choice. 

Draw One

This is open to everyone, including people who qualify for the other draws. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post saying which course you would like to win and why. I’ll pick a winner at random. – Deadline Sunday 30, September Natalie B. 

Draw Two

This is for everyone who helped by answering my questions when Journal Addict was evolving into Kaizen Journaling. I’ve a list of your names, and one of you will win a free place.  – I’ll announce the winner on Facebook and Twitter. Sarah Bates

Draw Three

This draw is for everyone who helped name KJA. If you also helped with Journal Addict answers, then you will be entered in both draws, and have two chances to win. Your names have been automatically entered. – I’ll announce the winner on Facebook and Twitter. Tammy Turner


All winners will be announced on the blog on Monday, 1st October. I’ll contact the winners as well. 



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59 thoughts on “Win A Free Course – Kaizen Journaling Academy

  1. Hi there, very excited to see the list of courses! Good luck with them! If I were to win a place on one of the courses I would love it to be A Journal of Letters as this combines my two passions- journals and writing letters!


  2. All of them look great but my immediate interest is drawn to a Journal of Letters. Good Luck with all of them!

  3. I would love to try the Journal of Letters course, as it seems extremely exciting and a neat, unique idea.

  4. We’re allowed to choose an upcoming class, right? If so I would like Planning for Productivity because I need to manage my time better, If not then, Exploring Happiness since you can’t go wrong with choosing happiness. :D

  5. The classes look awesome! Cannot wait for 2013 classes! Love the Journal of Letters! Would love to see “My life in lists” or How to create your bucket list and actually accomplish it! Looking forward to the courses!

  6. Congratulations on the opening of your academy. It all sounds so exciting. I have been following your blog and thoroughly enjoy your take on journaling. I would love to win a spot in Meet Your Muse. Take care and I wish you well with your new endeavor.

  7. Aisazia,

    This draw is only for the Current Courses, and the reason for that is that dates are not final for the upcoming courses. But don’t worry, I plan to do more draws in the future :-)) So you will have an opportunity to win when Planning for Productivity goes live.

    For now, it will be Exploring Happiness.

  8. Gina,

    Thank you :-) I am really excited about them, as it feels like I’ve been creating them in my head,and on my friends for years and years.

    I’ve many more ideas for classes than what’s listed here – but I have to control myself, as there is only so much time. But thank you for ideas, and keep them coming, because readers’ choices will take priority.

    As for bucket list ,and accomplishing goals – well the 2013: Make it An Epic Year Class will cover some of that. You will be able to read the details in about a month or so, and see if that’s what you are after.

    I assume that for this draw you are going for Journal of Letters?

  9. Vicki,

    Thank you. I’m really pumped about it. It’s amazing to be able to share my passion for journaling with such a wonderful group of people. Meet Your Muse is one of my personal favourites :-))

  10. I agree with the others that all the courses look great. I confess – I may not be ready for “A Journal of Letters,” so I would rather start with “Meet Your Muse.” I noticed that a person could take all of them in order. Thank you very much.

  11. That is a very nice selection of classes and hard to choose just one. I think I would like to take either Meet Your Muse or A Journal of Letters, they both sound very interesting.

  12. Congratulations on launching the Academy! What a great list of current & upcoming courses. I would love to win a spot in Exploring Happiness. I’ve been a long-time reader of Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project blog and am fascinated by the simple (and not do simple) ways we aid or hinder our happiness. 30 days of structured focus on happiness sounds amazing!

    Thanks for your blog — I’m a fairly new reader.

  13. I am interested in Create A Christmas Journal. This Christmas will be the 2nd one since losing my daughter last October. I would like to create a Christmas journal of memories of her & my Christmas times together

  14. Margaret,

    Thank you for being here, for joining this blog as a reader. I appreciate it. Without all my readers, this journey would not be the same.

    I hope that Exploring Happiness would be a process of discovery, or re-discovery for people. Good luck!

  15. Clayton,

    Thank you :-) Yes, it would be different times for different people when they are ready for particular courses.

    Meet Your Muse is a fun course, and as I’ve said before, it’s one of my personal favourites. Yes, you could take them all in order. That’s more for my benefit though, because I want to ensure that I have enough time to devote to each class, and make sure participants get the best material.

  16. Congratulations on your new venture! I just discovered your amazing blog today and im so excited to look around. I’d love to win ‘journal of letters’ what an amazing gift.

  17. Firstly congratulations and thank you for the blessed opportunities for self exploration you offer. I would love to win the Journal of letters. As a lover of the diary I think the aspect of adding letters would be a fabulous chance to explore and express myself in different ways.

    Keep up the fab work sunshine.
    Tennille x

  18. Dear Dolly

    How wonderful! What a great opportunity :-)

    Being new to journaling and self discovery, I would definitely choose the Journaling and letters course – I think it would give me a solid basis from which to explore further.

    Good luck with everything


  19. Wow, those all look really interesting, but I’m most drawn to Meet Your Muse. Also; those prices are fantastic – they work out for around a £1 a day or less! That’s brilliant. I would totally sign up for everything if I had the money :)

    I adore this blog, keep up the good work :D


  20. Tennille,

    It’s an amazing journey. I like your spirit, to get started with intensitiy :-) Might as well go in the deep end. Good luck with the draw.

  21. Sarah,

    Journey of self-discovery is the best journey you can make :-) I hope it will be fruitful one for you. Good luck with the draw, and thank you for your kind wishes.

  22. Danni,

    One of my main goal was to make these courses accessible to as many people as possible. I’m all too familiar with having great desire to learn new things and try new things, but not having the money to do it. I think journaling can make a great difference, and a lot of the times, people who need it the most are the ones can’t afford to invest a lot of money. So this is my way of ensuring that they have a chance.

    Good luck with the draw :-)

  23. All the courses look great. I’d love to do the christmas journal course. Ive fallen out of love with halloween, and am thinking about stopping giving christmas gifts to cut back on waste and stress. The christmas journal would help me focus.

  24. Hi Dolly,
    What a lovely choice to have to make! Although I’m tempted by A Journal of Letters and Exploring Happiness, I’m going to plump for Meet Your Muse should I be lucky enough to win.
    Fingers crossed :)

  25. Kimberely,

    Holidays can be stressful IF you let them. This course would certainly help with perspective. It’s about looking at Christmas, and gift giving in general from a perspective of what matters.

  26. I would love to win a place in Journal of Letters. I am learning about self-care this year, and think this would be an awesome way to dig really deeply. Thank you for the opportunity.

  27. “Meet Your Muse” for me – it sounds fascinating and I would welcome something to help me explore my latent creativity.

  28. I would choose a Journal of Letters. I have lots to say about loss in my life but am stuck.

  29. Hi there, all the courses sound fascinating, but I would love to meet my muse! I often wonder if it is a he or she, and what they are like, and why they often go missing! Congratulations on a great blog and facebook page, Jackie

  30. I’m already signed up to Journaling with letters so would love a place on the Happiness One as this is something I definitely need to work on, thanks and I look forward to starting the first class :)

  31. Hi Dolly

    Great Website and congratulations on opening up the KJ Academy! I would love to win a place on the ‘Meet your Muse’ Course. I probably have been hiding successfully from my Muse for the last 30 years and it’s about time we have a rendezvous again. At school I loved art, reading, writing, philosophy. Since then I have embarked on a life of studying all kinds of things from economics, banking, languages to NLP and Hypnotherapy but never took the time to really slow down and meet my Muse again, she must be pretty frustrated by my running away from her, hope she is still around somewhere.

    Best Wishes,

  32. I would love to win a spot in meet your muse. I kind of know my muse but feel a formal introduction is due. Congrats on moving forward with your dreams!

  33. Isabel,

    yes, after 30 years, definitely time for a reunion with your muse :-) Muse never goes away, you just have to be willing to acknowledge her presence.

    Good luck!

  34. Id like to do the course about happiness as I am at a bit of a crossroads in my life at the moment and would like to get some clarity on the right decision to make.

  35. I would love to take the course about HaPpInEsS !!!

    Because, in today’s fast moving life, it is my own perception that nobody is happy and I am sure that no one can say from bottom his/her heart that he or she is really living a Happy Life wherever, she or he, is today

    Have a good day to all !!!

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