Writing Christmas Messages: Simple Words, Big Emotions



image by puzzler4879


I was just writing a Christmas message for someone. As the thought formed in my head, before I could even write it down, it made me cry. They were not sad tears, or even happy tears. But simply tears of gratitude. The message is simple. One sentence. I don’t even know if the person it’s meant for will understand the impact of those few words, and the instrumental role they’ve played in my life that makes me grateful for them this Christmas. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that the message came from my heart. It made me realize once more, the power of surrounding yourself with the right people. People who bring out the best in you, fill you with positivity, laughter, but people who also challenge you. You are unlikely to find everything you need in just one person, and that’s okay. That’s why we have all different relationships.

I’ve been lucky in my friends and family. Even after moving to a new city six months ago, I’ve been lucky in making new, amazing friends. Christmas is a time to make them aware of that. 

Christmas messages don’t have to be works of art, hallmark poetry, or long letters. They don’t have to be hard-work, or something you do out of duty or obligation. Christmas messages should be for people that you really want to say something to. I’ll be honest here – most of the time, there will always be some obligatory cards we all send, because we have to. Usually to relatives, or if you are part of an extended friends’ circle, where sending it to one person, may offend another. In that case, it’s up to you. Honesty is important, but at the end of day, we also live in a practical world, and sometimes we all need to play nice. So if you need to throw in a few obligatory cards, don’t obsess about it. The point of this article, is about people you really do want to send a Christmas message to.

For those people, write something that comes from your heart. Don’t over-think it. You won’t need to. If this person is important to you, as soon as you think about them, memories and thoughts about them will fill your mind. Just write what comes to you. Capture the essence of your relationship with them. Perhaps you want to share a memory, or simply thank them. Perhaps you want to make a joke, or share a wish. Whatever it is, let it be simple in words, and big in emotions. And more than likely, the person reading it, will get it. But even if they don’t, you know your message is real, honest, and an expression of gratitude. 

Simple words. Big emotions. 



Write your Christmas messages to the people who are important in your life, and express big emotions in simple words.