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Kaizen Journaling will be 2 years-old on April 17th. I intend to publish an e-book on or around this time. 

The E-Book will be Journaling to Self-Awareness in 30 Days, which will include and expand upon the November 2013’s Journaling Challenge. The e-book will be an easy way for people to develop a habit of journaling regularly, as it could be used again and again in a handy format. The prompts are ideal way to continually keep digging into one’s inner self. 


For those of you have completed this challenge (or are still working on it), post your entries for particular prompts, either in the comment section of that particular prompt (i.e. your entry for Day 2, should be in the comments section of Day 2), or if you can’t be bothered to click back then post it below this article – HOWEVER, MAKE SURE YOU STATE WHICH PROMPT YOU ARE ANSWERING TO. 

I will include any and all entries I like. There is no rule about how many will be included. If I don’t find any of them to be a suitable addition to the book, then I won’t include any. 


Everyone whose entry I include will receive a free copy of the book, and of course have your name inscribed in the pages of history for a future journal-loving archaeologist to discover ;) 


ASAP, but last date is 15th of April. 



2 thoughts on “Your Chance to be Included in My Book

  1. I have been viewing this website for a long time, but never commented. I enjoy your blog very much, congrats on almost two years! I missed the challenge originally and never got around to doing the challenge itself, however I am on a system of writing almost every day. I guess now is my chance to actually take the challenge, starting today!

  2. Hi Kate,

    I am glad this post made you comment! know plenty of people read the blog but don’t comment,so I am always thrilled when one of you makes over the border from lurking to commenting :-D

    Keep doing the challenge, and you have a few more days to post more of your entries, and hopefully at least one of them will make in the book!

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